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Installing Python with Django & MySQL in Windows

Python is the new buzz word in the field of web development.

Although the language has existed for quite a long timer now but the craze for web development in python was never that much as it is today.This is not only because it is easier to code in Python
as compared to other languages , plus it gives you all the more functionality and

Also the launch of Django framework has been a revelation for python web developers
as it gives you a complete package to start building your python apps , thus saving
you from the glitches of the complex coding that goes behind delivering content over
the web in a convenient way.

In this post I’ll will write about how to install and setup Python , Django along
with MySQL Database on your Windows Apache Server.

The details are focused on XAMPP server package but the method should work for almost
all windows server packages with just a simple change of Suitable Directory Paths.
For all those looking to run python on your local host try the following steps:

1. Install Python (use ver2.5 if you need to use a lot of python compatible frameworks as most of them are currently available for ver2.5 only.)
2. Install a web server package like LAMP or XAMPP ( preferred ).
3. Go to your Apache folder and and in /modules copy the file of If you want to install mod_python download the zip file from internet and install mod_python.

4. For Django users use mod_wsgi .
5. Download latest Django package and extract it to some path.
6. Now in the Django directory run the file and then you are up and running.

python install
7. If you need MySQL support in Django download and install MySQLdb in your <python Directory>/Lib/site-packages/  .

Once you are done with this you can easily create cool Python Web Applications using the power of Django and MySQL.


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  1. Naveen Kumar Molleti May 28, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    OMG. This template is _beautiful_, pwns the Spaces blog that you had.

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