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Technex ’06 , An Official Report

The news item from Hindustan Times dated Feb. 17 states about the prizes won by BHS High School, Allahabad, at Technex, the annual technical festival of IT-BHU.

(There was another story about MNNIT, Allahabad students winning ‘Best team Prize’ at Technex in Hindustan Times, but the link is lost.)

News Article
BHS students excel at BHU’s ‘Technex’
HT Live CorrespondentAllahabad,
February 17

THE ACUMEN of students of the Boys’ High School (BHS) & College in computer science was again at its best as three of them, all of class XI, were adjudged the best in the computer software category contest for the school-level participants at Technex 2006—the annual technical festival of IT-BHU.

The prizes were given by Dr AK Agarwal, president, IT-Gymkhana.

The three-member BHS team, consisting of

Pranjal Srivastava, Shubhanshu Mishra and Shikhar Bhatt

, were warmly greeted by principal, CV Innes, on their return from Varanasi. “You have not only done your Alma Mater but entire Allahabad proud,” he told them.

Thirty six models were put on exhibit by 16 participating schools at TECHNEX which is a national-level technical festival, being organised by IT-BHU since 1939.

The word TECHNEX stands for ‘Technical Excellence’. The three-day annual event is intended to act as a springboard for students whose creativity is matched by their ability to implement ideas.

‘A Web-Based Device Control System’

—the model presented by BHS participants—is an implementation of a web application and a switching circuit which enables the user to control devices from a remote location through the internet.

The web browser can even be on a mobile phone, thereby allowing the user to control the devices while being on the move.

The device can be any appliance running on 220 V, 5A, like fans, bulbs, tubes, etc.T

he web application is developed using PHP and HTML whereas C is used to interface with the hardware, the web server used is Apache.

The entire system works on GNU/Linux, which being an open source platform is completely free.

In order to provide a level of security, the web application requires authentication before the user can access the device control interface. The authentication data is stored in a MySQL database.

The password is stored as MD5, so that even if the server is compromised, the actual passwords are not revealed.

As most users use the same password at different places this mechanism will minimise the chances of identity theft.

For the official report at visit The official IT – BHU Archive- Technex.


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