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Shifting to Microsoft Live Writer for Blogging

Windows Live Editor

Windows Live Editor

Hello folks , its nice to talk about our biggest passion – Blogging , and I really love the way technologies have come up to facilitate a bloggers life. Things like RSS and Atom Feeds are a really cool way of keeping people updated about your latest blog happenings. Also things like Mashups and Twitter add spice to you daily blogging life. Because now you can not only blog but you can also deliver your content to your public through several interfaces . It is this evolution that has led to the growing blogging community .

Now a new advancement in this field has been the availability of desktop blogging solutions. And the software that is stealing the show in this race is Microsoft’s Live Writer. Although this software came in the market quite a long time ago but it has really become popular nowadays.Especially because people want most of their web applications out of the browser which actually saves you the trouble of loading of a web page and those age old browser hiccups.

Currently I am using Microsoft Live Writer Build 14.0. And its really nice that it supports posting to most on the famous blogging platforms , like WordPress, Blogger , Live Spaces, SharePoint Blog and TypePad . So what makes live writer so special . Well its the features as with any other software.

Live Writer gives you the basic interface for writing you blog entry which includes your blog template also . So this means that you can see how your blog will actually look like on your blog template once you are going to publish it . Also this means that you can edit and customize your blog on the fly and can publish it just once with all your desired beautification.. that means no more checking back your blog pages and refreshing your blog every time you change the formatting of your page and every time you shift your images from left to write. Everything is build right in there.


Now coming to images . You can easily add images to your live editor and these images will be posted to your blog. Well the advantage here is that you can do live editing of your image of all your images while you are putting it in your blog . This adds to another of the features of beautification of blog that Live Writer provides.You can see for your self how I have added features like Gaussian Blur , Tilt, Sharpen and yeah a Watermark too.

Also there are features for adding photo albums and you can even albums from your windows live photo gallery. Plus you can add videos and even tags from various tagging services like Technorati , , etc. There is also a feature to add maps to your blog which might come handy for people reporting events and people who want to save the place to which they are referencing their post. This is not it you can add custom plugins to the writer which suit your taste .You can download the latest plugins from the official plugins website here.

The editor features 3 modes and Edit Mode( with and without Theme Enabled) , A Preview Mode and A Source Mode for people to quickly switch between the looks , content and the HTML source of their posts.

A whole list of plugins is given at the Live Writer Plugin Directory . Also this application now comes bundled along with the whole Windows Live Essentials Download. Also you can download this powerful editor as a stand alone application from its Download Website.

Full Feature List
In addition to the highlights of this release, here’s the list of all the major new features added since Windows Live Writer 2008:

  • New border treatments (including Instant Photo)
  • Crop and tilt photos
  • Insert multiple photos
  • Toolbar alignment commands enabled for images
  • Insert and upload Windows Live photo albums
  • Insert and publish video to YouTube
  • Additional spell checking languages: Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English (Australia), Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, and Ukrainian
  • Server-side tagging (for supported blogs)
  • Type-down filtering in the Open dialog
  • Twitter, Digg and Flickr Plug-ins
  • Improved blog account setup
  • Lightbox and Windows Live Spaces inline preview support
  • Improved category control: adding categories, type-down filtering
  • Tabbed view switching
  • AutoLink glossary
  • Smart quotes/typographic characters
  • Word count
  • Support for bidirectional languages (like Hebrew and Arabic)
  • Tabs for view switching
  • Updated look and feel
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2 responses to “Shifting to Microsoft Live Writer for Blogging

  1. Evan June 22, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Nice review- very thorough. I just started using Live Writer, and love it. As much as people love to bash Microsoft, they really got this one right. What I love the most is the ability to add padding to my images, without messing around with HTML. I also discovered a couple of sites that explained how to add it to a thumbdrive, so you can take a portable version with you.

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