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Of those Mentors : I owe so much.


Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day

I begin to think of those bygone times,

Back to the class when we used to sing those rhymes.

Of being scolded when the syllables sounded wrong ,

And universally patted when I cam out strong.

Of writing spellings with utmost caution,

But defending myself for the wrongest notion.

Of making things work on the 10th trial,

And you teaching me how to write the correct mail.

Of logging into the shell at that nascent age,

And winning that GOLD with perfect grace.

You made maths a Beautiful fun,

But also made us workout under the scorching sun.

For punishing me right when I did wrong,

And scoldings by you which sounded like a gong.

That pretty smile when I cracked it the first time,

The compliments that followed sounded like a melodious chime.

Its been a life to my mentors I owe,

Mrs. Luke for being stern to get our grammar right,

Mr. Vinay for making us hog the limelight.

Mrs. Ghosh for the physics she taught with a smile,

Mr. CBT for his chats which were always worthwhile.

Mrs. Mukho for her Equational Humour,

Mr. Salil for his beautiful maneuvers.

Gaurav Sir was stern and we all know why,

Kali & Pandit Sir were too soft to be shy.

The ranks of Mrs. Tripathis for being the funniest of all,

Mr Farooq for the chemistry which made the class lull.

Mrs. Chatterjee for her command on words,

And Miss Chatterjee for her library cards.

Mrs. Hajela was known making us love nature,

Mr. David for his very own caricature.

Mr. Luke for the history he taught while standing tall,

Mrs. Srivastava & her scale which scared us all.

Mr. Vats for being the familiar face,

Mr. Pushpendra for his chemical grace.

Mr. Khastagir for his superb diffraction gratings,

And GB for his intense debugging.

GPRS was fun and he taught us graphs,

Mrs. Ghoshal our fac-ad for knowing us all.

Mr. Zhi Min for being the one to guide me through,

Mrs. Gloria for letting me do what I wanted to do.

There have been more who have changed me all,

In Maths to Science to Computers and Arts.

The facts of life they taught me well,

Teaching me concepts to be remembered in a nutshell.

From HTS to BHS to IIT & NUS has been the journey so far,

Of intellectual figures which gave me a sweet scar.

I’ll move on and on in the life I have,

Adding more and more to my all time Favs.

Your presence made my world to sway,

From normal, towards the fortunate hay.

I want to return the favor as all I have to say,

Wishing you all a very Happy Teachers Day.
I might have missed a few names and might have been a bit more funny .

I apologize for all the wrong things I have done and any thing I shouldn’t have written.

I love my teachers and I just acting smart,

To throw this post for the those who taught me the art 🙂

I am sure you’ll love it .

PS: You can always comment if you were touched by the words.



4 responses to “Of those Mentors : I owe so much.

  1. Shikhar September 7, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    One word for all thisSeeexxxyyyyyyyy

  2. sush September 5, 2009 at 10:11 am

    ohh..gr8 job mr. NXG…now get those mentors 2 read it!! 🙂

  3. nikita September 5, 2009 at 9:21 am

    nice :)!! The same guy who made a video on our teachers 😛

  4. Saurabh September 5, 2009 at 9:10 am

    Great work, We had many mutual teachers, I love them all…

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