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AIESEC in Streams: Global Youth Leadership- not an option but our responsibility

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Its been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Well I was busy with far too many exciting things in life which required me to cherish them more rather to document them at that time. I have a good memory so I preferred the first option. I wrote my last blog on my CEEDership in NUS, an AIESEC Experience that was my first major involvement with AIESEC before that I was recruited in October 2008 in this amazing organization’s local chapter at IIT Kharagpur to just some global experience in my otherwise nerdy life but again I continued to wok here as well as a technical support staff.

As I progressed through the different stages of AIESEC namely: Introduction to AIESEC –> Taking Responsibility –> Exchange –> Leadership Role I learned more and more about the amazing structure of this organization. The multitude of leadership opportunities available for each and every individual that a part of it as well as the unconventional but really efficient work culture with a perfect blend of fun and impactful hardwork. Now I am a 2.5 years old AIESECer and as I learn more and more about it I start to love it more and more.

One such thing which really caught my mind recently was the International Conference 2010 which will be held in India this time. This is the biggest conglomeration of youth from all over the world coming under one platform and its one the the biggest extravaganza AIESEC offers annually. After going through the delegate lists, participation as well as the activities of the previous International Conferences of AIESEC I developed this strong urge to represent IIT Kharagpur at this amazing platform and just like a God’s gift I came across this really innovative and intriguing social media competition of AIESEC International where the participants are supposed to show their Video Production Skills by coming up with something innovative as well as depicting the true values of AIESEC through a 2 minutes video on the topic of “Global Youth Leadership- not an option but our responsibility”.

As the topic aptly depicts the core values of AIESEC which believes in creating Leadership opportunities for young people  across the globe through a positive impact on the society. I brainstormed a little and studied how young people have changed this world from areas ranging from sports, technology, music as well as politics. Clubbing all my ideas together I came up with this video of mine which was aptly complemented by the Background Score “Up Is Down” by Hans Zimmer from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End.  The felling which I got after rendering the video was amazing and I personally believed in each and every byte of information I have fed into this beautiful stream of pixels. 

If you liked this video please help me win this competition by following these simple steps:
  1. Become a fan of AIESEC here at :
  2. Go to the screenshot of my video and click on the like button:

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