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The Best Endorsement I have ever got

So here it is I asked one of my former employers for an Endorsement on linkedIn and as I have always expected some superb sense of humor from this person he again came up with this brilliant reply. Finally I stuck with the second one as this goes on LinkedIn where there are a lot of people with lower humor quotient and they might not understand the true meaning of this one.

Overall it was the best and the most honest opinions I have heard about myself from one of the most awesome person I have ever worked with.

Dear Shub,

I will gladly give you an endorsement. The fact that you are actively asking for one shows that you are worth one and additionally I have formed an opinion, – or two, of you. I will allow you to have some influence on the endorsement.

I have two alternatives for you to choose from and of course you can suggest amendments to either of these:
Alternative 1.
Mr. Shubhanshu is an arrogant, rude and outspoken young man who does not show any respect for people with power, influence and experience. He is outspoken and expresses willingly his opinions to anyone without considering the context and consequences. His sharp brain and his designer skills save his ass.

Alternative 2.
Shubhanshu was selected among the most promising students at IIT Kharagpur to participate in an experimental web design project in Finland. He fitted well into a multicultural and cross-scientific team. Despite his inexperience, Shubs demonstrated very promising technical design capabilities. He works independently and he will flourish in path-finding teams with complementary skills.

The original Endorsement can be found at:


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