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Facebook revamps Messages: Its all about Conversation Now

Email, something which is so much in use these days that its almost impossible for anyone to live without an email and have a substantial presence in this world. Ever single small thing from registering for the cookie competition to applying for a mega lottery. Sending Job Applications to Registering on a Matrimonial website requires an email address.

Personally for me I have 3 major Email Accounts and I operate all three of them pretty regularly. One good solution I found was of forwarding all my mails to one account and then having the whole conversation there. Top that up with the great threading feature that Gmail has so tracking conversations is easier. But then a few days back I saw this cool app on the Android phone of my friend which organized your SMSs also in threads. This is something anyone is going to love. Having the whole conversation with a person at one place.

And I think Facebook just nailed that. Today Facebook announced its latest Messaging Service on its Official Blog which is going to take Facebook Messages to an all new level. The fact which sets this service apart from anything else is that it allows you to have all your conversations at one single place weather they are via Mail, SMS or by Chat. This is something which any one who loves getting connected with his/her friends through all sorts of communication channels, would love to have. Also the feature that conversation with one person are going to be listed under one thread so its going to be a really pleasant experience for the user of this service as is very beautifully said in the blog post itself

They will have the conversational history with the people in their lives all the way back to the beginning: From “hey nice to meet you” to “do you want to get coffee sometime” to “our kids have soccer practice at 6 pm tonight.” That’s a really cool idea.

Not only this. The message service will only allow your friends to send you messages and everything else will go in an Others folder . Also you can select who you want to receive emails from. Its something I believe very good for personal messaging. I personally would prefer to have a personal space in my mail box where I can only receive emails from my close friends and family members. I believe Facebook is going to give me just that solution.

All your messages together

All your messages together

Full conversation history

Full conversation history

The messages you want

The messages you want

Now top that up with something which any Facebook user would love to have. A Email Id. This is something I personally and very excited about it as being a Facebook use it will be great to show off your email id and feel proud about it =).

Over all I am loving the service as is said in its announcement and am very eager to use it at the earliest. If you are also interested you can ask for an Invite at

Lets see what they make out of it. Personally for me it will be a great service because I am usually present on facebook 24*7 and its a second home to me. Just waiting for the release and getting my id.

Also check the screenshots of the new Message Service available on Mashable at


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