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Enable Facebook Timeline

My Facebook Timeline

Today I enabled the new Facebook Timeline Feature using the developer preview available.

Following are the steps to enable your timeline:

  1. Go to this Facebook Developers App Page at:

    Facebook Developers Apps

    Facebook Developers Apps

  2. Click on Create New App and write the Name and namespace for your new app. Click on Continue.

    Create New App

    Create New App

  3. Now on your applications Settings Page. Click on the Edit Open Graphlink as shown in the screen shot below.

    Edit Open Graph

    Edit Open Graph

  4. Now on the Getting Started Page Enter the Action and Object for your application and click on Getting Started.  

    Set Actions and Objects to Enable Timeline

    Set Actions and Objects to Enable Timeline

  5. Now Go to your Homepage and You on the top you will see an invitation to Enable Timeline. And there you are. With all the new Facebook Features.

Watch the Facebook Timeline Feature video and learn about the new set of possibilities through it. The Feature was launched at the Facebook Annual f8 Developer confernece.

Watch the conference live at

Do post in your valuable feedback and comments about the new Facebook Upgrade


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