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First victory in GO

I have recently watched a History channel Documentary on the book the ART OF WAR by Tan Zu. Tan Zu is said to be the greatest strategist of all time and he was famous for devicing ways to win wars against larger adversary armies through the minimal usage of resources.

This post is not about the art of war but something which guided Tan Zu in making those decisive strategies. The game is called GO and is and can be considered like chess in a manner that it pits 2 sides with black and white peices respectively, against each other. The concept of GO is however, pretty different than chess. In chess, the strategy is to take on your opponent head on and kill as many peices as possible, eventually killing the King. However, in GO the idea is to capture as much territory without killing many peices.

My played my first few games of GO online and lost in first few moves. The game rules are very few and simple but that is what makes the game so fast and tough. You have the freedom to use tactics of deception and diversion. The strategy is to get as much of the opposition army to be eclosed by as few peices of yours. The game shows wonderful examples of building small but powerfully connected army. Also the fact which makes it exciting is that you can divert your opponent by passing your chances or placing peices at non contnous places.

Overall playing the game is a good thinking exercise. Below is the winning board configuration of my first win against the AI on the android app.


First win at GO

You can also try the game at these places:

Online – Go online
Android – Go Free: Google Play
Board Game –


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