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L-earnings from Barfi!

“She just loved him without thinking anything” – Barfi, thodi si hansi, dher saari Khushi =)

Yes that is all I can think of when I think of the movie Barfi!. The movie is pleasant, sweet and fresh. It takes you through the exquisite beauty of Darjeeling and then through the hustle, bustle yet Joys and Romance of Kolkata. It is one of the rare love stories which had a very happy and joyous journey and a happy ending. Even though it takes you through heartbreaks, tough loves, loss and some other usual sad moments of love, no where it made me feel upset about it. The upbeat lifestyle of Barfi, the magic he tries to find and create with every moment was really inspiring.

However Barfi, as a movie gave me a lot of learning or rather Earnings. There are a bit of spoilers below so please read at your own risk =)

  • Love happens if you want it to happen.
  • Its OK to fall in love again, but yes each one is unique and special and none can take the place of the other.
  • There is no better thing to do during a heartbreak than to just hug your parents and sleep. The relief it gives and the magic it creates is phenomenal.
  • Never allow the child inside of you to die.
  • When upset with someone, be honest, take out your frustration, your feelings in front of them, but in then end make sure you make them smile again.
  • Never try to live a lie, lie that something didn’t happen or was not important. If you care for someone, something – Show your care for it, don’t just brood over it.
  • Make peace quickly and bring back joys to whatever was there. All you need is to reverse the clock hands by 15 minutes and write a good sorry cum thank you note =)
  • Love, Life and Enjoyment have no language, no words. If you can express, you can Love, Live and Enjoy all at the same time.
  • When eyes do the talking you don’t needs no words, no sound and no listening, just a heart to respond.
  • People come, people go. The memories you create with them are far more important than the time period you spend with them.
  • Everyone has to take leave from our lives one day. Continue living and thank them for their presence. If you meet again, welcome wholeheartedly.
  • There are always some special things between 2 people, if you want them back, you got to do those special things again.
  • If you think too much in Love, you will run the risk of spoiling it. DON’T THINK JUST CHERISH.
  • Test your friends at times, with something threatening for them which you secretly know won’t hurt them. If they stand by your side, great. If not, test again.
  • Romance on cycle, hand in hand, together is real. Accept it.
  • Don’t be afraid to flaunt your love, after all you are proud of it, aren’t you ? =)
  • Everyone deserves everyone, its just that you get some one when you just fall in love with them and accept it everyday, without doubt but with same sincerity and enthusiasm with which it started.
  • Propose with all heart and 100% effort, they will love it even if they can’t accept it.
  • What the world thinks about the person you love is not important, what you think is, and that is the only important thing about it.
  • If you are doing something socially unacceptable for a good cause, do it. Just be clear in your heart about your intentions, the world will take care of itself.
  • You are only as stupid as your lover finds you to be. Be stupid just the way you are.
  • There is no better joy than making someone else’s dream come true, try hard for it.
  • Do creative and good work for people around you together with your loved ones, it strengthens the connection.
  • Run as hard as you can and evade as creatively as you can. If you get caught,  submit, but given a chance, run again. Life’s problems need that every time.
  • Keep your promises with your loved ones, even if it is something as simple as sending your decent photograph before dying.
  • You can’t change the reality by folding a picture.
  • Lastly, you lived a great life if the people you loved once are there by your side on your death bed.

I suggest all of you to watch this wonderfully LIVELY movie and yeah don’t forget to take your learning from it. If you saw any other interesting thing in Barfi do post it here as a comment. Finally I leave you with this wonderful depiction of the character who created the magic in Barfi. Ala Barfi!

Barfi – Photo Credits Minimal Bollywood Posters – Facebook


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