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Calculate Age from Shoe Size m//

Find Age from Shoe Size

Find Age from Shoe Size

I saw the above image floating around in my facebook feed today and was quite amused at how people believe in such plain simple mathematical illusions. So as I was a bit free in office and found this problem to be pretty easy. I found the simple equation and the detailed explanation of the same and posted it as a comment on the post.

My Comment went like this:

Won’t work for the following cases:

1. Your shoe size is greater than 9
2. Your age is greater than 99

And yes it will only work in the year 2012 and not any other. For other years simply use the (birthYear- 1000) instead of 1012.

Also it is not just true for your shoe size but also for the number of nose, eyes, ears you have. Also it works for the current hour number if its less than 10. If its more than 10 then simply use the last 2 digits of the solution. Try it with your cloth sizes as well, just use the last 2 digits. Simple MATH =)

Also here is the full calculation:

Let shoe size be x
Then final number is {(5*(x)+50)*20 + 1012 - birthYear}
{= (100*x) + 2012 - birthYear}
{= X00 + (Your Age in 2012)}

PS: X00 means put 2 zeroes at the end of X.
Now since your age is mostly going to be a 2 digit number,
Hence, {X00 + (Your Age in 2012) = A number with last 2 digits equal to your age } .

Hence proved.

I hope people are more interested in enjoying the math behind these posts than just being amazed by the pointless magic. m//

Hoping to get some likes for my comment =D


4 responses to “Calculate Age from Shoe Size m//

  1. Fal Kirk October 27, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    this only works if you know the year when the person was born. And if you do, why go with all the math hazzle if all you need to do is just substract the current year minus the year when person is born? this is stupid.

  2. Daniel Hill May 9, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Given that ‘x’ is your shoe size, this “magic” reduces to the following; adjusted for the year 2014) —

    20(5x+50) +1014 – year_of_birth = magic number
    Well, let’s start with the most obvious “magic” – the terms 20(5x+50) +1014 are designed to give you a four-digit number always ending in the digits 14 (since 20(5x+50) always gives you a number that ends in 00). The smallest shoe size (1?), would give you the number 2114 from which you’d subtract your year of birth to amazingly(????) get your age with a 1 in front of it. Not so amazing, is it?
    Knowing the above, it is easy to see that for each increase of “1” in shoe size the first two digits of the number represented by 20(5x+50)+1014 increases by 1
    Shoe sizes and results via 20(5x+50) are listed below
    Shoe size 1 yields 1100 (add 1014 to get 21134 subtract year_of_birth and you get the “magic”).
    Shoe size 2 yields 1200 (add 1014 to get 2214, subtract year_of_birth and you get the “magic”).
    Shoe size 3 yields 1300 (add 1014 to get 2314, subtract year_of_birth and you get the “magic”).

    No “magic” folks, just math.
    The “magic” does not work if you are over 99 years old. Sorry, centagenarians!
    Next year (2015), this “magic” will work only when you replace 1014 with 1015.

  3. Ray Kuzmich January 22, 2014 at 7:31 am

    What am I doing wrong? Shoe size 11, birth year 1950. =1163. Not supposed to work for shoe size over 9??

    • NapsterNXG January 23, 2014 at 2:12 am

      Your calculations are correct but since the question says the first digit is your shoe size hence I said it will not work for more than 9. But as you can see in my calculations X00 is the number which includes the shoe size to even if the shoe size is more than 9 the respective number of digits will give the solution.

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