Scripting for Fun and Passion

2 Be or Not 2 Be

2 Be or Not 2 Be

2 Be or Not 2 Be

Ifs and buts are part of our life,
Sometimes with those who share our five.

Getting high on life needs happiness within,
But it requires you to run away from that internal din.

A song, a tune, a dance rejoices,
Takes us away from the pointless choices.

The magic number will always be 2,
For every me requires a you.

Hate kills the mind and heart,
one bit at a time,
Sapping us of life and energy,
Stopping the eternal rhyme.

To talk is different, than to converse,
As silence sometimes speaks the biggest words.

Tick Tock Tick Tick,
It moves silently,
Creating moments forever,
Adding life to us apparently.

Talking of silence,
It has 2 forms,
One is the spoken type,
The other uniform

Closing the door looks an easy escape,
For people, objects are blocked forever,
But what of memories of the lovely past,
Which reside in our minds and leave never.

I was a lonely piece with curious mind,
Poking, pinching, tickling with utmost pleasure,
To people whom I knew I could bind,
For love in my life and not just for leisure.

What irks me the most is that confusion within
Born from the discourse of my fiend and Friend.
For actions speak louder than words,
But silence I wish, could take me in.

Life was a music, was all I learned,
To play it right is what I yearn.
Life is also logic, this I was taught,
The above fact makes me very distraught.

If only my notebook was filled with lots of smiles,
For each walk to remember which was mine,
Then I would laugh and smile all day all night,
But I have lost my notebook and that is my plight.

2 is a company, 3’s a crowd,
I choose to be the -1 and that makes me proud.
I need 2 more to be single again,
1 after that from which I try to refrain.

I wish I could talk this all well,
Build a poetry, orate it and not yell.
Just talk, and get empty,
Remove the poison which has build up in plenty.

A listening ear can’t serve the cause,
But the right ear just makes me pause,
I ponder long while the time is lost,
And then returns to my mind the confusion ghost.

I wish, that I could stop wishing,
For things to change and just start doing,
Because wishes come true through actions indeed,
And actions always make us a better breed.

I promise to fall once again for that thing,
Which drew us close and made me smile rather than grin
The you in my 2 will be new for sure,
But the learning of past will never become a forgotten folklore

Maybe one day we meet 2 on 2,
And strive to become the 4 of us,
Giggling, laughing and moving forward in life,
Taking our journey forward in a brand new bus.

But ifs and buts will stop us always,
Will widen the cracks which made us part ways,
A can or wish can change the course,
And add colors again to my black and white days.


– Shubhanshu Mishra


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