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Warrior for Life

Warrior For Life

Warrior For Life

Warrior For Life

To fight like a warrior,
To break every barrier,
I march swiftly on my chariot,
Blowing away my clarion,
I look fear in the eye,
Fearless and never ever shy,
The battle winds are blowing hard,
Striking inside me the valiant chord,
I fall, I fail,
I shriek, I wail,
I get scratched and sometimes wounded,
Sometimes I also get pounded,
Yet every time I fail,
A new ship I try to set on sail,
Towards the dawn which is bound to come,
Erase the nights full of humdrum,
I lament about those defeated times,
When all my music failed to rhyme,
Yet there were times that thumped my heart,
Trophies of glory all filled in my cart,
My sword remembers that mighty clanging,
Slashing one by one the enemy ganging.
The path I was forced to tread alone,
Changed my life’s very tone.
To quit my war never crossed my mind,
Except once, when I escaped its bind.
Sometimes some battles are not to be won,
Because they never lead you to a rising sun,
But wars always are supposed to be fought,
Till death because they can’t be lost,
And yet there are some ventures unique,
Which require the formation of a new boutique.
A problem solved is like a medal earned,
A lesson which taught more than what was ever learned.
The wars I have fought are of infinite type,
Some won by wits and others by might,
Sometimes the foe is right in front,
A respected bow and a fierce grunt,
The pride is there and so is the honor,
Even a loss can never leave you feeling like a loner,
Because you earn a friend in a foe,
Who will attack hard, with confidence you know.
And there are times of fighting in the dark,
Because sometimes the attack looks just like a lark,
The one in-front with gun won’t fire,
The one at your back you should never hire,
It pains the most when you are faced with deceit,
But you are to blame because you forgot to pay heed,
As all war is deception, warned a very learned one,
Look at your past and you will find exception to it none,
To cheat death is where it started from,
Memorable were the times you took your sword to a prom,
The cheering of your fans and the greetings of your friends,
You head held up high and never ever it bends.
The ones who hit from the back should never be blamed,
They are the ones to be caught and then to be tamed,
The wars I discussed are not all about a human foe,
Most deal with the problems I don’t even know,
Yet solving each is like winning the war,
Once one is done, my heart yearns for more,
There is no blood, there is no gore,
But an opportunity to become a remembered folklore.
Whenever I meet the warrior within,
Fighting as if he has agitated a bee hive,
I tell him to fight hard still aspiring for the win,
And remember that I am that Warrior for Life.
— Shubhanshu Mishra

4 responses to “Warrior for Life

  1. Sneha Singh November 26, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    my critics: overall good… I can usually read such long poems ONLY if i find them engaging; and I did read this one!! I like the theme of the poem and I too have a warrior spirit within ( 😉 ) so I could relate to it very well.
    some minor modifications might be done, on the following:
    paragraph 1, 7th line from the last: “I lament at times of the defeated times” — Can you rephrase it to convey similar meaning, but without using the word “times” twice? I know what poetic effect you are trying to achieve by using it twice, but it is not required here.

    paragraph 2, starting lines: “To quit my war never crossed my mind, Except one time, when I escaped its bind.” — recheck. I think the 2nd line does not quite justify the 1st one. Is escaping from the ‘bind’ (difficult situation) equivalent to quitting?

    paragraph 2, lines 3-4: “Sometimes some battles are not to be won,
    Because they never lead you to a rising sun,” — I am confused about the meaning implied by them.
    maybe rephrasing like: “Sometimes some battles might not be won,
    And they might never lead you to a rising sun,
    Yet wars are always supposed …”

    paragraph 4: 2nd line from the last: check the meaning of the word “din” it may not be the word u intend to use here.

    Cheers 🙂

    • NapsterNXG November 26, 2012 at 2:11 pm

      Thanks a lot Sneha for such a detailed critic comment. Really appreciate it. Yeah some places I missed the details.

      Btw 2nd para what I meant was there was one time I wanted to quit [really serious way] but I managed to get out of that situation.
      Next few lines I wanted to say that sometimes its futile to fight small battles and think about the greater war as those battles won’t lead you anywhere =)

      I have incorporated some changes suggested by you 🙂

  2. Anand Choudhary November 26, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Hey it was really very inspiring and i like this line most “To quit my war never crossed my mind”.

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