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How to write poetry with feel

How to write poem with a feel

How to write poem with a feel

Sitting one fine afternoon,
With musings in my head,
Looking back in time,
Thinking about the road ahead.

I don’t know why I wish to write,
A poem right now about my plight,
Its just a piece which flows out loud,
Inside my head which is always proud.

To call it plight is an instant thought,
Probably because of my vocabulary drought,
Its a feeling more profound than that,
Of goodness, confusion running like Jerry the rat.

Ramblings like these make sense no more,
But I note down thoughts to create my own folklore.
Being lazy about it is the usual way to go,
Sometimes I tell that habit a big big NO!!!

A lonely man in a lonely world,
Linked to all yet connected to none,
The crowd is all around in tons,
Firing at each other with each of their guns,

Sometime the guns are fired,
Other times not,
Shooting bullets of colors, music making people dance,
And other times leaving bodies to rot.

Music today is not touching at all,
Songs are not able to create that free fall,
The legs don’t want to dance right now,
Tired like the eyes below my brow.

But then the fingers type,
And I think in my mind,
The background track I play is Time,
And new rhymes I begin to find.

Now its time to get back to work,
The poem composed is a very nice perk,
The talk with myself is still a bit left,
About the title of the poem you have just read.

The song is ending and so is my time,
The title of the poem is not in my mind,
So I will call it simple but real,
“How to write poetry with feel”.

— Shubhanshu Mishra


5 responses to “How to write poetry with feel

  1. Sneha Singh March 19, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Strangely enough, the time that wordpress displays on my comments is Indian Standard Time corresponding to my current time in UK.

  2. Sneha Singh March 19, 2013 at 4:30 am

    I think even I should resume writing poems now, after a long halt. The last poem I wrote was in 11th class.

    This poem is a good example of how to create a poem even if you have no particular topic for the poem. Good luck 🙂 would love to see some more poems from you, especially in hindi.

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