Scripting for Fun and Passion

A cheesy tribute

Nikky Shivangi Pasta

Nikky Shivangi Pasta

There is cheese in my tummy,
It tasted very yummy.

A salt grain here,
Some capsicum pieces there.

Smeared in milk,
Its soft as silk.

I had three plates full,
For which I am very grateful.

But its not just about the cheese,
Or the milk,
Or the whole dish feeling like silk.

Its about the memories,
Of friendship, which were once weaved,
Delicate and royal,
With colorful threads interleaved.

Its about the flavours,
I tasted in my life,
With friends I savor,
And always ready to high five.

The taste is distinct and many years old,
And brings back memories,
Of words said and told.

A recipie invented by two ladies,
And now served to me by just one,
Such was their partnership,
Like which I have found none.

So, here is a small tribute,
I would like to share,
To cheese dinners and corny talks,
And a huge applause to my foodie entrepreneurs =D


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