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Sach ka saamna

Mooh pher lene se hakikat badal nahi jaati.
Dil tod ke chale jane se halat sanwar nahi jaati.

Tumne jaane se pehle na poocha ki ye gham kabhi mit payega.
Beeta hua kal un sunehre lamho ke saath kya fir wapas aayega.

Ek patthar to tabiyat se uchhalo mere yaar
Kal hi kyun, tumhara aaj aur kal nikhra hua nazar aayega.


Apnoon Ka Saath – अपनों का साथ

कुछ लोगों को हम रिश्तों की,
बुनियाद सिखाने चले थे । x 2

वो चल दिए तो हमने पाया की
हमारे अपने रिश्ते बिखरे पड़े थे । x 2

चंद परछाइयों को हम हमने अपनों से ज्यादा सच माना
पर परछाइयों की तो फितरत है
अँधेरे में साथ छोड़ जाना ।

उस काली रोशिनी में एकाएक किसी ने
मेरा हाथ था थामा ,
पर ग़म के उस सागर में डूबे थे हम
की उस साथ का एहसान भी न माना ।

उजाला तो वही था पर ऑंखें हम दबा रखे थे,
खुशियों के उस सागर में भी हम
दिल में ग़म दबा रखे थे ।

एक आस थी ऐसी की वो खोया था जो
फिर वो वापस आएगा ,
हमारा हाथ थाम , हमारी आँखें खोल
हमे भी गोते लगवाएगा ।

उस अँधेरे वाले साथ ने फिर हमे गले से लगाया
और कहा की पास कहीं है
व्रक्ष की घनी छाया ।

मेरे अंतरमन ने बोल की क्यों तू है इतना रॊता ,
आँखें खोल , दुनिया देख,
न रह जा ऐसे सॊता ।

कोई न आएगा मदद को , जो खुद मदद न कर सका ,
तुझे ग़म देनें वाले तुझसे छीन लेंगे सारे सखा ।

पर मैं तो था एक जीवंत प्राणी
जो सांस चलते भी था मर पड़ा
पाल रहा था अपने दर्द को
कर रहा था उसे हर क्षण बड़ा ।

शायद जो पास थे उन्हें मैं देख न पाया
और दूर जाने वालों को मैं रॊक न पाया ।

मुझे चाहने वाले तो थे अभी भी
पर शायद मैं उन्हें कभी छह न पाया
और ये सच मैं औरों में कभी भी देख न पाया ।

अरे दोषी क्यों ठहरता है जो खुद दोषी तू रहा है
औरों से तू मांगता स्नेह पर अपनों की तुझे न परवाह है ।

नींद खुलेगी तब पायेगा
की क्या क्या तूने खोया है
अपनों का बलिदान न देखा
क्यूंकि हर उस क्षण तू रूया है ।

अभी समय है , आज बदल जा ,
देख तू क्या पा सकता है ,
अरे चले गए दो जाने वाले ,
पर निष्फल प्रेम तुझे अपनों का
आज भी हर पल मिलता है ।

मरा नहीं है मुर्ख अभी तू
न हुआ लुप्त कोई प्राणी है
दर्द भरा जो तेरे मन में
उस दर्द की न कोई वाणी है ।

यह सोच के मैंने आँखें खोली ,
और पाया कितना थक हूँ मैं ,
मेरे अपने करह रहे पीड़ा से ,
पर मदद करने से रुक हूँ मैं ।

पर आज मैं अपने अंतर्मन को हार नहीं दिलवाऊंगा ,
खुशियों के इस अपर सागर में ,
मैं सबको गोते लगवाऊंगा ।

क्यूंकि ख़ुशी मिलेगी हर गोते में ,
जब सब साथ आजायेंगे ,
साथ हँसेंगे , साथ गायेंगे ,
और साथ अपनों के हम सब मिलके
अपने ग़म भूल जायेंगे ।

शुभंशु मिश्रा

How to write poetry with feel

How to write poem with a feel

How to write poem with a feel

Sitting one fine afternoon,
With musings in my head,
Looking back in time,
Thinking about the road ahead.

I don’t know why I wish to write,
A poem right now about my plight,
Its just a piece which flows out loud,
Inside my head which is always proud.

To call it plight is an instant thought,
Probably because of my vocabulary drought,
Its a feeling more profound than that,
Of goodness, confusion running like Jerry the rat.

Ramblings like these make sense no more,
But I note down thoughts to create my own folklore.
Being lazy about it is the usual way to go,
Sometimes I tell that habit a big big NO!!!

A lonely man in a lonely world,
Linked to all yet connected to none,
The crowd is all around in tons,
Firing at each other with each of their guns,

Sometime the guns are fired,
Other times not,
Shooting bullets of colors, music making people dance,
And other times leaving bodies to rot.

Music today is not touching at all,
Songs are not able to create that free fall,
The legs don’t want to dance right now,
Tired like the eyes below my brow.

But then the fingers type,
And I think in my mind,
The background track I play is Time,
And new rhymes I begin to find.

Now its time to get back to work,
The poem composed is a very nice perk,
The talk with myself is still a bit left,
About the title of the poem you have just read.

The song is ending and so is my time,
The title of the poem is not in my mind,
So I will call it simple but real,
“How to write poetry with feel”.

— Shubhanshu Mishra

Merry X-mas

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas

Today is the day,
When Santa is away.
To share the gifts,
With the wish it fits.
Jingle bells ring,
And reindeers sing,
Greetings of friends,
Are adding to the bling.
Today is the day,
We level up again,
With cakes and pastries,
And motivation insane.
To change the world,
In small steps we can.
By acts of love,
And sharing kindness we must,
It is the best way,
To wish a super merry X-mas. =)

Shubhanshu Mishra

The Leadership Problem of India

Recently I came across a question on Quora asking What does India do wrong after reading through some answers which mostly pointed to more statistical factors like poverty, education. Most of the answers were very concrete and factual as well. However, I have always felt that leadership at personal and organizational level is also very important to change anything.

This was the answer I had presented there and am just sharing with the readers of my blog.

What does India do wrong – Shubhanshu Mishra

LEADERSHIP – Self and Organizational

I have worked in other countries and never have I been encouraged and in-fact many times scolded for trying to break the rules. However in Indian system I have seen we learn from our elders that breaking rules in just the way of life. We are not encouraged to bring reforms but to just find ways to SOLVE our problems. This kind of leadership we experience in various forms:

  • Childhood – Relatives and Parents are protective of us and encourage us to break rules so that things are easy for us. I was blessed in this regards as I was heavily punished in childhood for by my parents and grand parents if I trying so illegal methods. The “mera bachha hai” [they are my beloved kid] concept spoils the kids and makes them feel that since some of them are blessed with resources so its OK for them to break the rules. Every child looks to their elders for leadership and inspiration in their early life. By encouraging wrong ethics we are not doing our duties as good leaders.
  • School – This is another important place of our life where we learn the most. A teacher and friend are the people who we look upto as leaders from front and by side. Again some friends encourage bad habits in their group saying its cool and good way to grow up. Some teachers also focus a lot on just getting marks and not on innovative ways of learning and problem solving. This kind of leadership spoils the way we look at the society around us where things have to be done so as to get good marks or to be cool not because we feel that way.
  • College – Here again friends and seniors are the people we upto for leadership. Many students are misguided during college days because of their friends choose to help them in doing something illegal for fun rather than helping them do the right thing which is beneficial for all the people. Seniors are individuals we look upto the most for inspiration and but many times they show bad conduct or reward us on doing something unethical. This leadership influences us the most as we are prepared in college for the future phase of our lives and what we learn in college we go on to become. I once fired a junior of mine from my organization leadership body for his bad conduct and unethical actions of cheating. The result was all his friends started bad mouthing about me. This kind of leadership where we are more guided by the people and emotions than by our values hinders our ability to make the right decisions for the best of our organizations and hence for the nation.
  • Job – Job is a place where we have to follow, support and lead. The difference this time is that we get paid for doing all the 3. This is where leadership values most and this is the place where leadership is abused the most. A work place is about becoming better by doing more. And if our leaders and friends support the opposite we start living like that. We see leadership becomes more about gaining badges of higher position than acts of reforms and positive changes. People who instill the most fear are looked as best leaders.
  • Old Age – This is the age when the above cycle repeats for our own kids and whatever leadership styles we have seen and learnt we display an output of the same.

BTW, the above reasons are not just aimed at others who come into our lives but also at us based on the role we play in others life. Its not about pointing a finger at people but helping in finding a solution to the problems.

I feel the problems of India are many but the underlying basis of all of them is unethical and wrong leadership which we experience and incorporate in ourselves. Even though it looks tough to change the system from grass-root level. Its easier to target on good leadership building across all sectors of the society.

A leader’s job is not to gain more followers but to create more leaders who can continue the chain.

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