Youbroadband worst customer support ever – BAN THEM


YouBroadband - Complaint

The following is the complaint I posted on Yourbroadband’s fan page after being repeatedly pissed off by the idiotic replies of their customer support.


I am very sorry to say but I find your service the shittiest in this world. I don’t always use this foul language but when I do its for idiot providers like you. 

I have booked a complaint 14 days back about my net not working and in those 14 days I haven’t received any proper follow up from you guys. Every night I have to come back from office and call your crappy customer care where everytime I call I am presented with new support person. Some of your support people have even cut the call in between and didn’t bother to reply back. 

My connection has not been restored since last 14 days and all my online work is stopped because of this. Yesterday I tried calling the Nodal Manager Mr. Subramanian S but he never picked up his extension number. Later I talked to your team leader Mr. Viswanathan Pillai and he PROMISED a resolution by sending a technician at my place in next 2 hours. The technician never came and all I got was a support call on my number who told me few steps to get the net working on my laptop that too just for few hours. I told the technician that the problem is with the wire which is coming to my place and he too promised a solution. But nothing happened and my connection was lost again after few hours. 

Then later I called again your customer support asking for resolution instantaneously and they again presented me with your BULLSHIT tailor made reply “give us 24 working hours”. I am totally fed up you guys taking my money and not giving me service. Few days back I received a call from your support team asking me to pay the money so that my net should start working. This happened when my net was already not working for past 9 days in the paid time period. I paid for the 2000+ plan Extravaganza 100 GB, 25Mbps and was hoping the connection will be back next day. I haven’t received any phone call from your support team but none came and I again have to register a new complaint that night.

When asked to get my connection cancelled the guy took my complaint very easily and simply filed the complaint. And when later I called to ask when will I get my refund back I was told it will take 45 working days. Is this the way how you loot your customers. So that in the next 45 days you can invest our money into something and get your returns out of it.

I am totally disappointed at the way your company is running. Companies like you spoil the name of Indian companies in the world. All you care about is money and not giving proper service. If your team leads are the ones lying to the customer, your Managers are not picking calls then I wonder what a total loser your company leadership is and what kid of cheats are sitting on your executive team. I know my complaint and these hard words would hardly ring a bell in your head but I will still state it and go public with this online on all forums. I will simply not spare you guys for the kind of mental stress and loss of work I had to suffer for the last few days. 

I will go to consumer court as well if you guys don’t even have the decency to return my money soon. And I will fight hard to get companies like you to totally get banned and your customers taken away from you.

A very angry and cheated customer of yours,
My account id is: shu647
Shubhanshu Mishra


Phishing Mail into Gmail Inbox from Income Tax Department

We all receive a lot of Phishing Scam Mails everyday and thanks to the mail spam filters[gmail in my case] we never get to see them as they are directly marked spam by your mail client. However, sometimes they do make it to your inbox and they look very real.

I received a similar phishing email from Income Tax Department today. The email id from which it came from was really authentic and hence I was intrigued about the possibility of it being fake. It quoted a income tax amount which looks reasonable and also had the logo of Indian Income Tax Department.

However, with all the authenticity the mail still looked fake, but just to prove that it indeed was fake, I went about exploring the mail headers informations which gmail nicely provides us. And that is where the bad guy[I would hate to call him a Hacker] made the mistake. Actually he didn’t he just went about the traditional way of email spoofing. The bad guy used an address from the which apparently doesn’t exist. The email id was however the interesting part of it was the VIA field which gmail attaches which gave me the info that the email is send from some free hosting account. A quick look at the email header revealed the following information:

Phishing Mail Header by Gmail
Phishing Mail Header by Gmail

The mail had a link to submit the tax refund. The body of the mail looked like this:


Phishing Mail Body
Phishing Mail Body

I copied the Link Address specified in the mail and opened it in the incognito window[I would suggest people to use the same to safeguard against cookie stealing attacks]. The original site for tax collection looked like this:

Phishing Tax Site
Phishing Tax Site

And on choosing a bank [I choose Axis Corporate Bank for testing, never disclose your original bank name =)] We get a pretty good looking login page which again looks very familiar.

Axis Corporate Bank Phishing Page
Axis Corporate Bank Phishing Page

Interestingly the page works for anything which you type as username and password. So you can type in what ever you want. Also before going to payment Google Chromes does inform you that the site is reported for phishing. Apparently the original domain of this site runs an online shopping site:, which I suspect is also a site aimed at stealing your credit card information and I would want to report that for phishing. [Any idea on how to report sites for phishing].

On the final note I did some research about the ip of the site and found out that it is hosted in US on media temple server and doing a whois revealed the following details about the server.

DomainWhois for Phishing site
DomainWhois for Phishing site

Finally, I did mark the mail as spam in my gmail and will hope that google learns and spams other such mails in future. I would just like to remind everyone to follow anti phishing guidelines while browsing and to double check the domain name as well as other security warning from banks while performing any online transaction.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy browsing experience =) Do leave a comment as I would love to read your feedback =)