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On Modi to non-Indians

This is a note I wrote to describe a bit of details about Narendra Modi, the current CM of Gujrat and the PM candidate by BJP for 2014 National elections of India. The note was written as a reply to some of my foreign friends who have heard about the 2002 riots and have a opinion that he has committed a very high human rights violation by being responsible for the 2002 riots. This came after I posted a few updates in which there might have been a mention of Narendra Modi []. I believe they have a point which is valid considering the fact that the only popular news about Modi is the involvement in 2002 riots. But I was a bit surprised to see its impact on people on people outside India. So, I decided to just put forth my opinion but back it up with some news fact, website which I have to believe as true. Below is my reply:

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

I have done quite a bit of study on the 2002 riots and the Indian supreme court after continuous allegations on him have declared him not guilty. He was not responsible for the riot in the first place as the riot started because of a very grave reason and a long history. The riots were a part of a linked set of events since the Bombay riots. He himself told the press that if you can prove me guilty you can hang me. And right now his development model and his way of thinking about progress is a new hope for India. There have been many riots in India where bad things have happened [] but we don’t see those riots being publicized too much because they were by the ruling government.

But that apart. He is the one of the few persons who talks about bringing India to the top of the world. He talks of not judging individuals on basis of casts, religion but of working towards progress of Nation. []

There is a huge difference between being involved and failure to control. His was the latter case, even though as CM and as any leader one has to bear the brunt of any bad thing which happens in their regime. However when the riot happened he was just 3 months into his term and even after the riot the people of Gujrat have been electing him with huge majority for past 3 years which includes the immediate election in 2002. [,_2002] And his development practices [][] have become world famous and people really consider the growth of Gujrat state both economically and human resources wise as a best case practice. The state is known for having a very efficient and electricity surplus production[] as compared to other states of India. And this changed after 2001 before which it was a state reeling with electricity crisis. []

A major reason why we all are supporting him is that in a country where riots and communal discrimination is widespread he is an individual who talks of solving basic problems of success, resources and instilling a self confidence in the country. I would always want a person to be a PM in whose CM term the women feel safe[], the kids are properly fed[] and educated and the youth is given employment.

In fact even the majority of Muslim people of Gujrat praise his development models. [6 out of 8 seats of Muslim majority seats were won by his party, ]

To quote a few Recently, India’s most well-known film script-writer Salim Khan (actor Salmaan Khan’s father) has said to a senior journalist in an interview:

“Does anyone remember who the chief minister of Maharashtra was during the Mumbai riots which were no less deadly than the Gujarat riots of 2002? Does anyone recall the name of the chief minister of UP during Malliana and Meerut riots or that of the Bihar CM when the Bhagalpur or Jamshedpur riots under Congress regimes took place? Do we hear names of earlier chief ministers of Gujarat under whose charge, hundreds of riots took place in post-Independence India? Does anyone remember who was in-charge of Delhi’s security when the 1984 massacre of Sikhs took place in the capital of India? How come Narendra Modi has been singled out as the Devil Incarnate as if he personally carried out all the killings during the riots of 2002?”

[Read more at:]

So overall, I choose not to be affected too much by the propaganda and choose to believe the facts out there and results I can see, every one is good or bad and every one is accused and praised by people/mob sometimes. What I liked was the fact that Modi choose not to run away or cover up things using dirty politics but by driving growth and progress. A lesson I feel every leader should learn. Even King Ashoka was a big destroyer but after the Kalinga war he shifted to Buddhism and choose to walk the path of peace. Now people praise him even though the war of Kalinga was utterly destructive. The reason people praise him is for what he DID. []

I just wanted to share this with you so that you can look at this topic with open mind. Yes the riot was very bad thing and as the then current CM he has to take responsibility for everything that happened, which he did by taking enough steps in trying to stop it, but that is it. If a person is doing good now, I choose to forget the past which comes with him/her. The whole point of what we all preach in this world today is that everyone can change in order to become a better person but what is the point of all that preaching if we don’t accept the changed person and keep saying that he did something bad once and his change is insignificant in that light.

I hope this helps you with the topic, plus I usually don’t write praising or criticizing him, its just that if there is news about the country and I want to share I do that. I am sure you will be able to ignore these news or might read them peacefully in future =)

He is not my hero or anything, just a political figure of India. And I choose to be rational about him using the facts and details I have at hand than just going by rumors.

Don’t worry if you still feel a bit uncomfortable, you can always hide the story by clicking on top right of it and selecting hide. And don’t worry too much =)
PS: All content is my own opinion and the links I shared are the ones I felt were most fitting for the content. If there is any wrong information about the links feel free to share. I meant to affect no one’s sentiments but this is my opinion and I thought of sharing it. 
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