How to safeguard against the Facebook Revolving Images Scam

I assume those who are reading this are already aware of the newest Facebook Revolving Images Scam which is spreading like wildfire.  In the last Article that I wrote about the Scam I discussed what was working in the background of this whole Revolving Images thing. I mentioned about the JavaScript behind it as well.

If you would like to know more in detail about the Scam please read my last post: Facebook Revolving Images Scam

Now in this post I will try to walk you through a solution which I found online to safeguard yourself from this scam and not to become a victim of it again.

The spam is making wall posts and is updating users’ status’. To do this, it is using the a not so newly launched Facebook feature called “Upload Via E-mail”. It is a unique personal Email address given to every user which allows one to post status updates or send photos and videos straight to one’s profile. The spam has recorded this Email address of yours and is using it to update your status. Thankfully, Facebook lets you change this E-mail ID. This is how you can do it.

Step 1: Go over to

Find “More Facebook Mobile Products” written somwhere down. Find “Upload Via Email“. Click “Find out more“.

Facebook Mobile Page
Facebook Mobile Page

Step 2: Now look at the image below and click exactly where it says “..refresh your upload email.” or exactly where you see the cursor in the image.

Reset Mobile Upload Email
Reset Mobile Upload Email

Step 3: Now press reset. Don’t worry, your computer will not crumble to pieces. At least, not yet.

Confirm Email Resetting
Confirm Email Resetting

Step 4: If you see an image something like this (below) then you are done for the day. The spam won’t work anymore.

Get New Upload Email
Get New Upload Email

Once done you are safe from the scam. But remember:


Read more about the Revolving Images Scam here at: Facebook Revolving Images Scam

Original Article taken from: here thanks to Mr. Pulkit Kaushik and his Reader Zahid for sharing this valuable piece of information with us.


Technex ’06 , An Official Report

The news item from Hindustan Times dated Feb. 17 states about the prizes won by BHS High School, Allahabad, at Technex, the annual technical festival of IT-BHU.

(There was another story about MNNIT, Allahabad students winning ‘Best team Prize’ at Technex in Hindustan Times, but the link is lost.)

News Article
BHS students excel at BHU’s ‘Technex’
HT Live CorrespondentAllahabad,
February 17 Continue reading “Technex ’06 , An Official Report”

Installing Python with Django & MySQL in Windows

Python is the new buzz word in the field of web development.

Although the language has existed for quite a long timer now but the craze for web development in python was never that much as it is today.This is not only because it is easier to code in Python
as compared to other languages , plus it gives you all the more functionality and

Also the launch of Django framework has been a revelation for python web developers
as it gives you a complete package to start building your python apps , thus saving
you from the glitches of the complex coding that goes behind delivering content over
the web in a convenient way.

In this post I’ll will write about how to install and setup Python , Django along
with MySQL Database on your Windows Apache Server.

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An Introduction to Web Development : Installation, PHP, MySQL and your 1st Script.

Well I was thinking about this for a long time … Its been 4 years in my life since I was first introduced to this beautiful world of internet and its been 10 years now that I have felt and am still fascinated by how the world of computers work.

The world of computing has made rapid advancements in the last one decade or so and most of them have been in the field of the ever evolving INTERNET .The internet has evolved like a fast growing Macrocystis pyrifera . Well I used the name because this is the fastest linearly growing organism on this planet.(Search wiki for that .. :P) .But Internet has not grown linearly it has evolved in different domains completely indepent of other stuff but all liking towards the same cloud of TCP/IP and other Protocols.

Web has been a revelation is human beings life. Through it you can find any information on this planet by just a click of your mouse and a KeyPunch on your keyboard.The information available on the internet is huge and people are still adding to it every second (like me … writing this blog entry … :P) in the forms of wikis , tweets , applications , and god knows what not. People are just a click away… life is governed by protocols like HTTP, TCP , FTP …

So you guys might be thinking now what goes behind all this … how are we able to provide all the information over the web how are we able to connect ourselves to the internet.The answer lies in the Web Server . A small program that even you, me and anyone can run on his personal computers and open to ourselves the portal towards sharing our information to the people. Continue reading “An Introduction to Web Development : Installation, PHP, MySQL and your 1st Script.”